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Dental Emergencies

Your child has a toothache:

Gently clean the area around the sore tooth and thoroughly rinse the mouth with warm salt water. If there is trapped food or debris, use dental floss or rinsing to try and get it out. DO NOT use toothpicks! DO NOT place aspirin on the gums or tooth. If the face is swollen, apply a cold compress. Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain and call us as soon as possible!

You child has a broken or chipped tooth:

Rinse the dirt from the injured area with warm water. Place a cold compress over the face in the area of the injury. Locate and save any broken tooth fragments. Call us as soon as possible!

Your child knocked out a tooth:

Find the tooth! Handle the tooth by the top (crown area), not the root portion. You may rinse the tooth, but DO NOT clean or handle the tooth unnecessarily. Try to reinsert a permanent tooth in its socket. Hold the tooth in place by biting on a clean cloth or gauze. If you cannot reinsert the tooth, transport it in a cup containing cold milk or water. Call us immediately! Time is the critical factor in saving the tooth! Baby teeth are NOT replanted! Give those to the tooth fairy but let us examine your child to make sure there were no other complications and that the whole tooth came out.

Your child cut or bit their tongue/lip/cheek:

Apply ice to the bruised areas. If there is bleeding, apply firm pressure with a clean gauze or cloth to the area. If the bleeding persists after 15 minutes, or it cannot be controlled, visit the closest emergency room.

WYour child has a bump above the tooth or on the gums:

This might be a sign of a dental infection. Rinsing with warm salt water can help soothe the area. Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain. Contact our office so we can evaluate this tooth and recommend proper treatment.

Your child has jaw pain:

If there is jaw pain and limited opening or closing secondary to trauma, contact an oral surgeon or go to the nearest emergency room to be evaluated for a possible fracture. If there is TMJ sensitivity, avoid difficult foods to eat and chewing gum. Use warm compresses and take ibuprofen to alleviate pain. Contact us so we can examine the area. We may refer you to a specialist if needed.