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State of the Art Features

Children’s Playroom – Our play area is equipped with Apple Ipads and Microsoft Xbox Kinect. Additionaly, there is a tire swing, hop scotch, and a skateboard and car ramps. This ensures there will be endless entertainment for our patients!

Open Bay Hygiene Area – Our open design hygiene area helps minimize dental fear in children. This enables children to see their siblings or other children in the dental chair helping to calm any fears they might have at the dentist. Our goal is to provide and build a happy relationship between the child and the dental office.

Treatment Rooms – Each dental chair is equipped with its own television and apple tv. This allows each child to pick their own movie, television show, or music to enjoy while receiving dental treatment.

Prize Machines – Gone are the days of children digging through dingy prize chests filled with cheap and dangerous toys. Our practice has two prize machines that work on tokens. Our prizes are maid in Spain, not China, to make sure that they are not made with any toxic components. This allows each child to pick, place the tokens in the machine, and receive a reward for good behavior. Kids love the entire experience!!!

Sticker Machine – Located next to the prize machines are sticker machines that allow each child to pick their own sticker after dental treatment.

Digital X-Rays – Digital X-Rays have the advantage of providing images with a minimum of radiation exposure. Reusable phosphor plates capture the X-ray image and are then converted into a digital image that can be viewed, manipulated, magnified, and stored electronically. Digital x-rays reduce waste by eliminating film and processing chemicals.

Digital Panoramic and Cephlometric Machine – Our top of the line 3D upgradeable digital panoramic and cephlometric machine provides a comprehensive diagnostic image in a single pass. The sensitivity of our modern X-Ray equipment uses a minimum of radiation and yields important diagnostic information to check for pathology, infection, tooth abnormalities and malpositions.

Dental Lights – Our office is equipped with LED operatory lights above each patient that allow us to control the brightness to ensure no child is scared from the very bright dental light.

Electric Drills – Our office is equipped with the newest “whine” free dental drills. No longer do children have to be scared by the high pitch noise of the dental drill. The only sound children will hear is the light rush of water to cool the bur.

Paperless Dental Records – We’ve implemented a sophisticated electronic dental records system that allows our doctors to review dental charts and X-Rays through a monitor located at each dental chair.

Patient Reminder System – Our patients never have to worry about missing or forgetting an appointment with our automated reminder system. Our patients have the option to receive an automated phone call, text message, or email and even confirm or reschedule their appointment without having to call the office. It couldn’t be simpler.

Sterilization – To ensure the highest standard of sterilization our office uses class B (hospital grade) sterilizers for all our dental instruments. Most offices only use class A which is the requirement. Our office goes above and beyond the standards to ensure the highest sterilization standards in the country are met in our office.

Closed Water System – Our chairside water is supplied using refillable bottles rather than plumbed from the existing city water system. This allows us to continually ensure the quality of the water supply and to completely drain each system independently to facilitate regular cleaning.

Amalgam Separator – While we don’t routinely place amalgam fillings, we occasionally have a need to remove them. An amalgam separator will ensure that amalgams, which contain trace amounts of mercury, will not find their way into the environment.

Hand Sanitizers – To ensure bactericidal cleaning, we’ve installed medical grade hand sanitizers for regular use by doctors and staff.

Vacuum Line Cleaner – Each dental delivery system is equipped with an automated vacuum line cleaner to ensure that vacuum lines are thoroughly purged and cleaned.